An Exploration of Body Trust

Hi friends! It's been such a long time since I've written. I'll briefly explain what I've been up to and then I'll get on with the topic of Body Trust. I took a social media break for a while at the beginning of last year because. I wanted to really tune into what my own voice of wisdom sounded like, rather than being distracted by everyone else's. It was a wonderful experience, and I am happy I did it. I also started my very own company, The Organized Me, and I am now organizing people's physical spaces and their lives. You can read more about how that adventure began, on my other website,

For now, I want to share about my latest thoughts on weight and body image. Does anyone else feel genuine, sustainable satisfaction after eating Pati Jinich's potato, scallion and chorizo crispy tacos or drinking a glass of wine? I do; I really really do, and I don't like feeling guilty about it. I recently found a webpage called, BeNourished, and it got me excited about quitting my diet and cancelling my gym membership. After reading through their philosophy; I wrote this proclamation to myself. And now I want to share it with you.

An Exploration of Body Trust

I am willing to explore whether or not an approach that emphasizes my own wisdom could possibly work. An approach to what? An approach to accepting and loving my body unconditionally, offering compassion to my body and nourishing it.

I am willing to release my other ideas of controlling and manipulating my body, such as dieting and harmful, unkind thoughts and treatments.

I am willing to nourish my emotional health as much as my physical health so that I am not influenced by seductive advertising. (No more late night pizza for me just because I saw Sarah Jessica Park eating a pizza with her friends).

My body is tenacious and incredibly life supporting. Despite my unkindness, it continues to carry me, move me, and bring me pleasure and peace. I am willing to honor and respect my body. I am willing to feel free from body image fear and all fear related to the health and image of my body. I am willing to release my frustration, my struggle and my judgement. I love my body.

My Goals

1) Develop Sustainable Health Practices. What are some health practices that I can and am willing to engage in now, regardless of their impact on my size, shape or weight? I am willing to go for walks in the evenings with my daughter and dogs, to go to yoga class and to train for an upcoming 5K.

2) Practice Intuitive eating. I will deepen my connection to internal cues of hunger and fullness, increase my awareness during my eating experiences and learn to tune out the constantly changing rules of dieting. I will honor my taste buds and my health. Super YAY for chai tea latte.

3) Engage in Joyful Movement. I will root movement in loving-kindness and gentle expectations. This is why I quit the gym; I don't usually meet my kindest self there. I usually meet my competitive and harsh self while I'm hustling on the treadmill.

4) Cultivate Body Trust. Because I engaged in body dissatisfaction, dieting and disordered eating, I lost confidence in my ability to make good choices for myself. I am now willing to trust in myself and my body. It is possible to regain the trust I had when I was born into the world so that my body becomes a safe and welcoming place to live as time goes on. This is the biggest motivator for me; I want my body to be a safe and welcoming place to live in.

5) Nurture Self Compassion. When I feel compassion for myself, I feel warmth and caring and I act kindly. I will not snicker as I see my reflection in the mirror.

6) Redefine Success. My success will be measured by reduced body hatred, increased trust with food, more satisfaction and joy in my life and feeling more confident and free.

I typed this up, printed it and have it hanging in my bathroom and in my kitchen. I hope you enjoy it, too. Tacos anyone?