Inviting all Journal Enthusiasts

Good Morning,

I created a Facebook Group for the purpose of promoting and supporting journal enthusiasts, like me. If you have thought about starting a journal or if you have a journal but just don't use it very much, then please join the community. If you are an avid journal writer and already adore pens and papers, then please join the community.

We will talk about supplies, techniques, rituals, and making time to write. Everyone is welcome to share their pages and their experiences.

It's a supportive group of people who believe in the power of personal writing. In this Facebook group, I'll share daily prompts, tips, cues and pages that I've created. At any given time, I'm actively participating in at least 3 journals: my scheduler, my art journal and my insight journal.

I also explore travel journals, bullet journals, food journals and just making lists for running to the grocery store or mall.

Please follow the link here and request to join the group: