It turns out I adore making art.

Good Morning,

Recently, I engaged in a personal development experience on "Self Care." I've explored what self care means to me, the value of my commitment to self care and the benefits of self care. It's been extraordinary, and I feel vibrant. Stay tuned for more about my experience of self care.

For now, I want to share with you that one of the ways I found to nourish my Soul is through art journaling. As you know (if you follow my blog), I really enjoy writing. I enjoy carefully selecting a word and stringing it together with others to articulate an expression that resonates deep within me.  I started to crave a way to express myself with more dimension and color and movement. And I found this in art journaling.

Sometimes, I feel like I express myself most authentically with a narrative, and at other times, with a picture and few words.

Journaling Doodle.jpeg

I wake up in the morning with a desire to journal, with a desire for self care. Through journaling, whether it is solely words or art, I find Me. I make a connection to the authentic me that helps me meet my day with intention. Creative self care helps me feel more peaceful and relaxed with myself; not needing to anticipate and rush to the next minute or not needing to change other people's emotions and reactions. It is one of the ways that I nurture and cherish Me.

I created a Self Care Manifesto. It was a powerful way for me to concentrate on my commitment to staying connected with my Soul. I hope you enjoy.