My latest method of planning and journaling.

Have you heard of the people that love paper; the paper loving people? It’s a real thing. I am one of those people. I love paper that is bound together. I love to look at it, open it, write it in, read it, stack in on the shelf and keep looking at it. It can be either a book, a magazine, a planner or a journal.

On behalf of this corner of my personality, I have a lot of experience with planners. Some may think I’m not easy to please, but the truth is, I love them all. I can find beauty and purpose in each planner I see.

Planning Story of the Past

Back in the day when the smart phone was new and shiny, I used it to keep my appointments and notes. It synced with my computer at work, and I felt digitally savvy using my iPhone as a calendar.

I soon realized that I longed for the bound paper and had to go back to using my pen and paper, rather than the phone and computer. I like the way it feels. I like writing things down, rather than just typing. This is when, I used the weekly format Levenger Circa Notebook. It is very functional and diverse because the pages are removable.

Then my life changed in a big way, and I began managing the schedules of my children, as well as maintaining my own. This is when I started to use the MomAgenda. It is a weekly format, divided into sections so that it’s easy to keep schedules for several people. It comes in different sizes, and I liked the 10x12 because I could keep 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper in it also. I kept the kid’s official school calendars in the back pocket, for reference.

Then because I wanted to keep exploring new planners, I chose one with a daily format so that I had more space to write not only our schedule, but to do lists and gratitude entries. I used the Purposeful Planner for about a year. The color selections are beautiful, and the format is very satisfying. I used both the spiral bound and the Leatherette cover. 

My Current Planning Story

Now, my forty year old self migrated to the Bullet Journal system of planning, and it feels fabulous. First, let me show you how I organize this endeavor. My bags vary, but I always carry my Papermate pens, washi tape and accessories with me.

Now, let me explain how I approach the entries.

  1. I add the date and day of the week to the top of the page. I chose a banner or style of writing that feels fun each day.
  2. I draw something that feels aligned with my mood.
  3. **** Before I do anything else, I make a written conscious connection to my soul. I write down either what I feel grateful for, or what I’m willing to discover throughout the day, or an affirmation of what already exists. This is the most powerful part of the whole process. It offers me the opportunity to feel my own Soul and make a statement about “I AM” before I list what I need “TO DO.” I am before I do! This allows me to show up for my to do list in the most prepared way. *****

  4. I list either appointments or items on my to do list.
  5. I decorate, according to my mood. (Sometimes, I like the washi tape and stickers to match my outfit.

In this same journal, I write down my thoughts as I want to preserve them throughout the day. I write down inspiration for either my blog or my book as it shows up.

At the beginning of each month, I create a monthly calendar to keep track of things like which camp Kennedy will attend or school holidays.

I feel like the romance I’m cultivating with bullet journaling could easily turn into a long term relationship. It feels invigorating to start my days this way. What invigorates you?

Please comment below about your planning system, what works for you and any suggestions you have. I'd love to meet other Paper Lovers :).