The most profound invitation I've ever received.

I have an invitation for you.” Life shouted when I was 18 years old.

“I’m not interested; I have this under control.” I responded arrogantly.


I have an invitation for you.” Life shouted when I was 25 years old.

“I’m not interested; I know what I’m doing.” I responded hastily.


I have an invitation for you.” Life shouted when I was 29 years old.

“I heard you, and I might consider accepting this elusive invitation, but I just don't have time right now”. I responded with exhaustion.


I have an invitation for you, and someone has built a bridge that will compassionately support you on your way.” Life whispered when I was 33, a brand new step mother and a brand new mother.

The bridge is called, Conscious Parenting, and through the reflection I see in my children, I see myself and connect to Life in a much richer way than I imagined I could.

I am a woman born to sustain a connection with myself, to nurture a connection with my children, and to collaborate in the creation ofLife.

Dr. Shefali designed and constructed the bridge between traditional parents, our divine souls and our children. I needed this bridge to make my way back to who I am, and to cherish the sacred space where my children are. I needed the details of this bridge to be more compassionate and loving than any other passage way, and indeed, all other passages crumbled around me. It’s the bridge of conscious parenting that I travel on daily, to get home. And when I’m home, I meet my children.

As I stand at the crest of the bridge, I see the generations before me, and I tenderly acknowledge their time and personal journeys. I say grace for their lives and that they brought me to right here and right now.

I am grateful for my family that raised me, for the family I am raising, for the bridge that led me to my most genuine and joyful ME.

I highly recommend Dr. Shefali's books (all three of them), her webinars and her Evolve Summits. Please visit her page to learn more about how you can feel connected and empowered in the relationship with your family.