Reflections about Oprah's "Super Soul Sessions" April 2016

This past weekend my husband and I flew to Los Angeles, California. We went to Oprah’s “Super Soul Sessions,” at the UCLA Royce Auditorium. When I heard that this event was happening, I really wanted to go. I get super excited about being with souls that do the serious work to stay connected to Life, and those that share their work with other people.

I joked that I would stop nagging my husband about house chores because he was so thoughtful to spend a day with me at an Oprah taping. He agreed to that but actually thoroughly enjoyed the experience, also. It was much more than an Oprah taping.

I’ve read the blogs and recaps about the day from others who attended. They all write about how transformative and life changing it was. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I want to express that I feel the exact same way.

It was a day of spiritual thought leaders, change makers and wisdom teachers:

  •     Oprah Winfrey
  •     Shaka Senghor
  •     Marie Forleo
  •     Caroline Myss
  •     Cheryl Strayed
  •     Amanda Stenberg
  •     Kris Carr
  •     India Arie
  •     Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  •     Eckhart Tolle
  •     Kerry Washington

We listened to Oprah introduce each speaker and then each one spoke for about thirty minutes.

By the way, I coincidentally met Gary Zukav and his wife on our way back from lunch. They were experiencing the same buffet of wisdom from the audience as Sam and I. Gary Zukav wrote "Seat of the Soul."

I felt excited to be in the same place as so many wisdom teachers. With the exception of Amanda Stenberg, I’d read all of the other's work and seen them on tv before. There is an element of separation when reading or watching someone on tv, though. When I heard these teachers speak in person, I felt that their message became more powerful. I felt connected to them as human beings, and realized that I can reach this level of connection with Life, also. We are all one, after all, right?

Oprah Winfrey was exceptionally impressionable. I already felt like I knew her because she’s been a part of my life through television for so long. On stage, she is very relatable and quite funny. I feel that she is very real on her journey as a spiritual person.

Cheryl Strayed also made an impression of authenticity on me. I admire her courage so much, and that she is willing to expose her vulnerability to the world in order for us to learn and grow.

And my most revered wisdom teacher, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, exceeded my expectations. After all the writing I’ve read by her, after all of the talks I’ve heard by her, she still reached right into the heart of my soul and expanded it even further. She reminded me that conscious parenting is the way back to my authentic being. It reminds me of my areas of growth, of my abundance and my connection to Life. While deepening my own inner connection, conscious parenting, also sustains a connection with my children. It then becomes a life cycle of it’s own. When my children feel a genuine connection with me (the authentic soul with me), they learn to trust their own inner connection with Life and they grow experiencing endless possibilities.

I could listen to this stuff every day. In fact, I’m creating a journal full of quotes that will serve as reminders and a map back to my authentic being. I’m creating a daily practice of meditation to sit in silence and simply exist with the Source of Life.

Last night in my gratitude journal I wrote:

  • I am grateful for my husband for creating space for me to grow.
  • I am grateful for Oprah’s “Super Soul Sessions” for celebrating all of humanity through powerful talks.
  • I am grateful for each and every spiritual thought leader, change maker and wisdom teacher.
  • Life and all of its abundance