Confessions February 2, 2016

I am not Catholic, and I have never been to a confessional inside a church. I've been to church, just not a Catholic confessional. I imagine the experience to be like what I see in the movies, a booth with a window and a Priest inside wearing a Vestment. On the outside of the booth is a place for people to sit and confess their sins. I am respectfully curious about what the Priest offers in exchange for the confessions. Do you get a free Rosary when you are done? Yet again, I leave it to my imagination, which has me believe that the Priest says a prayer asking God for forgiveness on behalf of the person in the seat.

Even though I’m not Catholic, I believe that acknowledging our mistakes is powerful. I try to live aligned with the way that I believe Creation lives. I want there to be more moments when I am aligned than not; however, when I make a mistake, I want to connect with other people who live imperfectly perfect lives. I want to connect with people who understand and honor our humanness in all of its’ messy glory. 

So I am starting this weekly online confessional where I will admit the moments when I am fully human, not reaching far enough into my connection with Life. I am giving these moments back to Creation and hoping that they get recycled into something more creative and loving. I won’t admit every error on this blog; I’m not crazy. I'll ease into my online vulnerability.

And friends, there are also plenty of ways that I lived my life this week that I’m proud of. You’ll find those on Facebook and Instagram, where most of us tend to put the shiny, well packaged information.

Let’s get started.

The unimportant ways that I strayed from my intentions.

  • Last night’s dishes spent the night in the kitchen sink before I put them in the washer this morning.
  • My clean clothes are in a pile in my laundry room waiting for me to put them in their proper place.
  • I cheated on my Weight Watchers diet today (and last week 3 days in a row). I had loaded potato chips for lunch, and it tasted so good.
  • The money I was going to transfer to my savings account instead was exchanged for a new purse that I don’t need.
  • Google helped me to know what Priests wear.

The more important ways that I strayed from my intentions.

  • I thought that dirty dishes and laundry in a pile were actually important.
  • I talked on my cell phone today while I was checking out at the convenience store, instead of looking the attendant in the eyes and thanking her for her work.
  • When I was trying to get out the door yesterday morning, I said “Honey will you please get your shoes on; we need to go.” She ran to the kitchen to get a brownie off the counter. I yelled “HONEY.” I actually yelled the word honey, which is suppose to be a term of endearment. There was nothing endearing about the word when I yelled it. I won’t do that again.
  • I judged a fellow woman for not agreeing with my opinion.

Dear Creation,

These are some moments of my humanness that I want to give back to you. Please take these moments and recycle them into something creative and loving. I will keep trying my best.

Thank you!

If you'd like to join my confession postings, please comment here. I'd love to hear from you.