In a Relationship

This is my 60th published blog post, and I want to write what I’ve learned about inspiration. 

If inspiration was on Facebook, we would have changed our status a year ago to “In a Relationship.” The relationship I’ve developed with inspiration is seductive and flirtatious. Inspiration arrives in different forms, and if I’m not paying attention, it leaves in a moment’s notice. It requires engagement, and if I don’t meet it with enthusiastic flirtation, it will change form until it eventually grabs my attention. (It reminds me of my husband, this way - persistent in getting my attention). Once it has my attention, I have to hold on to it and stay engaged or it won’t stay with me in that moment.

In Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” she encourages readers to make a date with creativity so that we can fill our creative wells with fellow creatives’ work. When she writes about filling our wells, she means for us to see another person’s creativity, absorb it and invite inspiration to meet us. With a full well, we have a reliable resource. I first read this in her book, and then I tried it. She is right - a reservoir of creativity inspires more creativity. 

I like to meet up with inspiration, spontaneously.

  • The most profound creation that I experience is in nature. I walk outside and notice every detail of the sky, trees, plants, air, animals and water. I listen for the cadence of the day in the movement of the air, and I watch the flow of the trees as they dance in perfect harmony to the rhythm. 
  • I adore floral art in every form. I follow stationary artists on social media and when I’m looking to fill my well, I open my browser to one of these pages and admire the colors and the designs. I imagine that one day I’ll have a studio and the walls will be lined with floral art stationary.
  • Fashion is another creative form that inspires me. A trip to the mall to watch people and see what’s new in the shops fills my well pretty quickly.
  • Don’t you think music is an obvious date with creativity? It seems to me that music is eager to reach inside of me and stir things up. When I write, music can distract me, but when I want to throw myself onto inspiration and make out with it, I listen to music: Jason Mraz, Elton John, Snatam Kaur…then I turn it off and start writing.

Without inspiration, I tend to move through the day relying on habits. When I flirt with inspiration, my days are full of excitement.

Today I filled my well with pictures from Katie Daisy’s new book, How to be a Wildflower. It’s a beautiful book with paintings of nature and elaborate lettering. Check it out here, and be sure to watch the video. :)