I went to a funeral today.

I went to a funeral today. The woman who died was the Vice President of the bank that I use. I went to her funeral because her death caused a pause in my life. It was a surprising diagnoses of a quick growing illness that ended her life, and that has highlighted, for me, the impermanence of all of our lives. Sure, I’ve always known that none of us are here forever, but right now our impermanence is in the bright spot light. I sat next to my sister, watching pictures of the bank VP and her family rotate on the screens at the front of the building. And as I watched them, I felt like I could barely breathe. It’s not because she and I had a close relationship, although, I will greatly miss working with her at the bank. I think I had to catch my breathe because I could feel the rawness of pain that comes from missing someone we love. We sang songs that she loved to sing at church, and I learned two new songs that I now love. We listened to stories about her life, and we heard advice, from her pastors and a close friend about how to live our own lives.

The pastor said we were celebrating her life today because it’s what her family wanted. So, I celebrate the kindness that this woman embodied, as she managed my loans and accounts. I also celebrate the friendliness she embodied with every interaction we had. I celebrate all of the parts of her that I didn't know but that I heard about today. I celebrate knowing her.

And now, as I’m getting ready to sleep, I am deeply grateful that I spent another day walking the earth at the same time as my mother, father, sisters, husband, children and friends. I am grateful that I lived under the sun today at the same time as my in laws, extended family and teachers.

Good night.

May the long time sun
Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.
kundalini yoga - farewell blessing