What to do when your pants don't fit

Today was the first day of school in our town. I picked up my 1st grader, and together we headed to the yogurt store to meet our friends, Camille and Grace. The car ride from school to Main Street is 10 minutes, and within that quick time, Kennedy told me that she sat on the swing today and then "Bam! the claps, and it was time to line up and go inside - that quick!" I learned that if you disrupt the community time on the rug, you will be dismissed until you are ready to properly participate.

Now that's a useful lesson! Is this strictly a Montessori approach or is it appropriate if I politely dismiss the young woman with no public service skills, serving me my latte in the drive through? I'll keep thinking about this.

It was so busy at the yogurt store; it felt hot and sometimes hard to breathe because there were just too many people there.

Sticky note to self: Do not go for fro yo on the first day of school next year.

Camille and I talked about the details of our lives over the past few weeks since we saw each other last. We talked about our families and spirituality. We talked about the things I needed to return to the store and exchange at the mall. Camille always has awesome retail advice. She knows where to buy the latest everything, she's adventurous enough to wear make up samples and she's always dressed as if she has a meeting with a fashion magazine editor. I wish I had this conviction in my wardrobe.

The other morning, I put on my linen trousers that I bought last summer. They were so perfect the day I bought them, that I decided to buy white, khaki and black. They are so perfect that I can press and wear them to work or machine dry and wear them on the weekend. They have pockets!

By the end of last summer, I noticed that they were a little tighter to button, but after all, I was going to loose weight so I kept them in my closet. And last week, I put them on again. They still felt tight to button, but I can be stubborn about wanting something to fit that doesn't. I love these pants. Just when I walked into the newest restaurant in town, my pants took the matters in their own threads and ripped, as if to say "enough is enough; get it together and wear pants that fit."

After a few hours at the yogurt store with our friends, Kennedy and I headed home. Kennedy shared with me that an older boy in her class told her that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are fairy tales.  She told me this through tears. If I could, I would squash this boy like a little bug. I'm usually on Team Kids, but this boy had no business!

When I told Sam about it, he calmly said "Well, that boy is wrong." And that was it. No outrage, no plots for revenge. He just let it go. And then so did Kennedy. Now that's a useful lesson!

Tonight when I lay my head down, I will thank God for my dear friend Camille, who I can tell anything to without feeling judged.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will remember to dismiss myself from the community until I can properly participate. I will wear pants that fit and I will let other people's perceptions stay their own.

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