E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One

Getting to know my kids is something I do over and over again. Every day we create a brand new connection, sometimes it's built on something we experienced before and sometimes it's a brand new experience. We laugh throughout our days and share stories. We see new sights and develop our own interpretation of our different worlds.

"Mom, I wish my nails were like yours." Kennedy says randomly as we sit in the lobby watching people.

"You do? I can paint your nails if you'd like." I'm so eager to gush all over this, because compliments from this little girl are rare.

Kennedy looks at me in a way that reminds me that I probably don't understand her point of view. "No I don't want to paint them. I wish my nails were like yours, so I could bite them. My nails are all bited off." I laughed out loud; capital LOL!

Making a connection with my 17 year son is harder because I have to navigate an opening to his soul between the time he doesn't have ear phones on and the time he is awake. And when that window of time comes, I try to remember all the Pop Culture I know so that I can bring up something he is familiar with and interested in.

I am usually assured an exchange of a few words, if we sit down together to eat. Today I heard him sing with the background music while we ate pizza. I fell silent, and just watched him. I didn't have to connect with words. I was offered a glimpse straight into that soul.

Sam, Eric, Kennedy and I experience this world differently. We have many interpretations, and yet we are one spirit. We are one family.

We toured the U.S. Capitol today; Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am also able to declare triumph, as we walked through the Tunnel to the Library of Congress. It resembled a hallway, but still - it was an official tunnel. Victory!

Tunnel to the Library of Congress