How to loose your cool even if people notice

This morning Kennedy and I decided to head to the Air and Space Museum early. We wanted to meet the boys there since they wake up at a different pace than us. We started out of the hotel skipping and observing the world around us. It was a fun perspective to walk with. We sat in a low hanging branch of a tree and took pictures. Kennedy felt the smooth granite walls and was certain they were made of crystal.

We started to pass the park, where the people who spend the night on the benches hadn't quite woken up yet. I wanted to walk as quickly as possible past the park and get back to walking on the walls. As soon as I said "come on Kennedy, let's go quickly," she said "wait mom, the birds are having a fight over the bread and I want to watch." I couldn't think of a worse place to stop and watch birds.

I tried to persuade her but she was puling my arm, "Mom please wait, I want to see." I was conflicted. I didn't want admit my own uncomfortableness to myself, let alone Kennedy, so we watched the birds. The bird who seemed to be winning, graciously gave the bread to the other bird. And we kept walking. Interesting place for a lesson in sharing to appear, isn't it?

We sweated and stopped for multiple breaks, but eventually found ourselves at the front steps of the Air and Space Museum. It was everything I expected it to be and more. The planes, the missiles, the planets, the interactive exhibits: all very fulfilling. The boys met us there shortly after we arrived. Sam and Kennedy rode a modified flight simulator, and Sam had to push the emergency stop. She said "that was horwible. On the inside I felt like screaming." Sam and Eric proceeded with the full-on flight simulator; they spun upside down and everything. They said it was awesome.

We walked back to the hotel together through the heavy humid air. We all lost our pleasant demeanor as we sweat and our feet ached more and more. Once we re-fueled our bodies and relaxed in the air conditioning, we regained our strength to visit the Spy Museum.

When we went into the Spy Museum, we took an elevator up to the 3rd floor to start our adventure. The elevator is dark with red lights along the floor. An announcer says to be careful because someone is watching you. How exciting; a real life spy experience! Kennedy had a different opinion, however. That elevator was more than she could handle. We took the emergency flight of stairs down to the next level and waited for our boys.

The Spy shop is quite fun, though. We saw lots of gadgets and equipment that would surely make our daily living great fun. I found a lie detector card. I asked Kennedy if she washed her hair in the bath and she said "yes." But once I asked her to place her thumb on the card, the truth came out. We all had a good laugh (including Kennedy). She still can't figure out how that card knew about her hair.

We came to the hotel and enjoyed our dinner while the news was playing on the tv on the wall. The news was reporting on our countries inferior position against our enemies in the world. I wanted to find that emergency stop button or emergency stair case. With the absence of an escape button, I took my deep breaths back to my room and am now feeling calm as we all relax and get ready for rest. I don't like news reports.

And so go to the adventures of the 2015 Road Trip. Tomorrow we will visit the Capital.