How to accept change in routine

I am sitting on the floor in the hallway of my hotel room. My laptop is propped up on my knees as I try to hold it up with the palm of my hands while I'm typing. The thing is, the light is on over here and in the rest of the hotel room, it is dark, where my family sleeps. I just tried to wake them up so we could get back on the road, but they aren't interested in seeing the sunshine just yet. So I came to the floor in the hallway to write. Ideally, I would be at a table in a cushioned chair with a sweet latte. In reality, the floor is hard and I have no drink just yet.

But this is my choice because of my love for these people. Sure I could take this laptop down to the lobby, but then my 6 year old daughter would wake up and be upset that I "left without her." I don't want to do that. We are on vacation, and I don't think any of us need to be upset over something so small like their mother gone missing. So I sit on this floor.

This is reality and also a metaphor of my life with a family. Back in the day, (pre-family), I woke up at 5:30, headed to the coffee shop and stayed for about an hour every morning. I started my day with music, people and caffeine. These days I start my day with long generous hugs. These are much sweeter than anything those coffee house strangers could ever offer. Now I say Hi to my friends in the coffee shop as I zip through the drive through window listening to Kidz Bop.

Back in the day, I wore high shoes with just about everything. I had high heals in every color, style and height. Last month, I boxed up those high heals and put them in the corner of my closet. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them completely, but they really don't feel as good anymore. My hip starts hurting and sometimes I even fall down. HAHA - laugh it up you 20 year olds.

These days I wear driving mocassins, sandals and boots. I love these shoes too. It's just that when I see my reflection in the store windows, I wonder how I got so short. Then I remember the story of the high heals versus the mocs.

Loving my family and loving my life with my family is like nothing else in the whole world. It's magnificent and glorious. My life doesn't look the same as it did 10 years ago, and I feel awesome.

Oh good, here comes that little girl with her arms open wide.