I love Sunday

The house smells like vegetable soup and roast. My family is relaxing. My washing machine is doing it's job. And I'm writing. These things bring me pure joy.

I love Sunday! My family wakes up at different paces throughout the morning, and we move to whatever rhythm our body directs us. I spend some time making a list for the grocery store and making some entries in my Day designer for the upcoming week. This morning we had a special moment when Kennedy's bath towel got caught on her tooth and then pulled it right out. This is her second tooth to come out. I feel sick when I look in her mouth and see a hole and blood, but she is full of excitement and pride. 

In my house this Sunday, there are black beans in the slow cooker; there is a beef roast in the oven, and there is a pot of roasted vegetable soup on the stove. These 3 meals will feed me and my family throughout the upcoming week. The smell of roasted vegetable soup is what I imagine heaven smells like. It has all the qualities of nourishment, satisfaction and delight.

When I spend the day in the kitchen, I light a candle before I even pull out the cutting board. It's my ritual, and it begins the intention of creating delicious nourishment. I am grateful for the abundant food and for the enjoyment of cooking. I also turn on the Food Network and listen to other people cook while I am cutting and sautéing. Today's menu will take at least 4 hours to complete.

Roasted Vegetable Soup

After the cooking is done, I gather the troops for a house "pick up" moment. I like to have the week start with as little mess as possible (at least down stairs where I live). It helps my week run smoother. "A messy house is a messy mind." Mom, did you say that?

Once the laundry is washed and dried, I watch Super Soul Sunday, while I fold it. I have 32 saved episodes on my DVR that I watch because I can't get enough. Sam repeatedly asks me to delete them to make more space on the DVR. But I told him that the shows hold my moral compass, and without them, I'm lost. I laughed after I said it, but I'll share with you that I was not making a joke.

Super Soul Sunday is an inspirational source for me, to say the least. I rely on seeing an episode each week. Typically Oprah interviews a person who recently released a book that connects with spirituality. I confess I now own 80% of these books since I started watching the show. Super Soul Sunday connected me with the work of Brene Brown (a serious life changer for me), Pema Chodron, Marianne WilliamsonElizabeth Gilbert, and Sue Monk Kidd. Alright I'll stop name dropping, but these are serious spiritual leaders who not only light my path, but who lead me to a deeper spiritual practice constantly.

I was first introduced to the show when I received an email from the Own Network promoting the new book, "The Conscious Parent"  by Dr. Shefali. I cried, I laughed, I sat up in my bed with my mouth wide open in awe. I couldn't sleep the night after I watched this episode. I felt so excited and inspired, I was restlessly enthusiastic. Dr. Shefali teaches a philosophy of parenting that I whole heartedly believe in. I read through the book in a few short days. I highlighted, underlined and folded corners of the book. I often read it again and again.

On Sunday evenings, I make the time for a special pampering in my bathroom. I do an extra long mask, a scrub and some exquisitely smooth moisturizers. It's dreamy. Tonight I'll add a pedicure to the line up. My feet need some loving before I ask them to carry me around all week.

A more structured day is just around the corner, but on Sunday I disregard time in every way. I set my intention now for the week ahead. I will move slow and steady as I re-enter the professional realm after a 2 week vacation. I will be kind and patient with myself and my family as we get back on that speed way. I will wake up each morning and say "Thank You" before my feet touch the ground. My inner and outer world will merge into one harmonious flow of existence, as I express gratitude to the flow of life.

Thank you to this beautiful life for the 2 weeks I spent with my family. It was one of the most special times of our lives as we crossed over 10 state lines together and saw endless scenes of the US of A. 

Washington DC road trip