What I carried on my road trip

Packing for a road trip is a dream come true for an organizer. There are bags to fill, binders to set up, and lists to sort through.

Two weeks before we were scheduled to leave, I started making a stack of what I would pack. I think it takes some consideration to know what is the most appropriate bag in which to pack everything, how many shoes are necessary and what in the world will entertain Kennedy for hours and hours in the car. (That's a different blog subject).

The night before we are leaving I bark an order for everyone to start putting things in their bag.

My order went something like this "Kennedy, you will need pants, shorts, shirts, socks, shoes, bathing suit, pajamas and panties."

Her very tiny face tightened up and she replied "Mom, just stop. Why don't you come with me upstairs so you can bring all of those words with you?"

"Good point - it's better that I stay intimately involved with this process," I thought.

As we walk up the stairs, she barks her own order down to Sam "Daddy, get started packing. We are leaving tomorrow." It sounded like an actual echo from my voice to hers. I'm not at all satisfied with this trait I've taught her. I'll work on a much softer approach. I might start my new approach now. But of course she's been in that bath tub without washing herself for 30 minutes. I might start that new approach tomorrow or maybe when we get home. Anyway....

Once I managed the clothes and self care products for both Kennedy and I, I finally looked over at the kitchen table full of books and papers and maps and devices. It was time to organize. I could feel fireworks inside myself lighting up with excitement.

Road Trip Bag

I sorted through everything I  gathered and settled on bringing these few things:

1) My bag is a Thirty-One Gifts bag which I bought from my friend Stephanie Keene. It is the zip-top organizing utility tote with the fold n' file inside. Don't you think the names of their products are quite long? It holds everything I need in it, and the exterior pockets are ideal for chargers or the empty skittle wrappers or the medicine that I find on the hotel counter as we are walking out.

2) I carry my laptop in this Better Together note pouch. It's a rose pink color with padding on the exterior for protection. It has many compartments inside, as you can see for pens, screen cleaners, notes, stickers, and washi tape.

laptop case

3) My Day Designer is along for the trip, also. I'm not using it to schedule our days of relaxation, but I have started noting my to do list for when I get back home (I don't think I would forget to do these things, but I enjoy writing them down for future reference). I smile every time I think about the laundry. This is no joke.

4) I'm reading "Recipes for a Beautiful Life" by Rebecca Barry for pleasure. It is a series of short blogs/stories about her life with two young kids and a husband. I love her style. In fact, I am using her style to help me experiment with my own.

5) My daily devotional read is "Heart Thoughts" by Louis L. Hay. Louis writes spiritual affirmations in this book. I read one, sometimes two or three, to help me set my intention and meditative reflection for the day. Also each page is decorated with what looks like Katie Daisy designs (but I can't find the credit to confirm). It's gorgeous.

6) I have all of our hotel reservations printed along with a mileage calculation by day. These are all kept nicely in a plastic sleeve. We pull out the reservation, plug in the address into the navigation, confirm the rate when we arrive and then move that reservation to the back of the line.

7) I want to also introduce you to my new double dutch cross body messenger. Again with pockets for easy access, I love this bag. I just wish I didn't buy it in brown. I'm bored in brown; I'd rather have it in grass green. I think I'm going to pin a bright yellow on it to add some joy.

Kennedy (6 years old) has a stuffed horse (Thank you Camille for the thoughtful birthday gift), markers, crayons, scissors, tape and papers.

Eric (17 years old) has his phone and earphones.

I (39 years old) have a bag full of things, also. Sure I have the usual self care products and clothes, but I have one special bag with my soul nurturing things in it. I am fond of my tools for writing, my books and my daily organizer.

I have my family with me, too.Though disorganized at best, having them is special, in its own way.