My momAgenda and how it works for me

Yesterday I wrote about my calendar....the one that I sometimes use as my security blanket. So today I thought I would tell you more about it and why I even decide whether or not to buy a bag based on if my calendar will fit in it. It's truly fabulous. The brand is momAgenda. It is offered in a lot of fun colors, even animal print. I chose pink for last year, and ordered the bright purple for the upcoming school year. It is based on a school year (rather than a calendar year), so the first month is August. This is perfect for me, since my family's life resolves around the school year.

I have the 11x9 so that I can put any regular size sheet of paper in it. For example, the camp confirmations or notes that have to go back to school by a certain date are put in the appropriate week. I love this agenda because it's a weekly format, and it has a top section for me to use, and then a bottom section for each child's schedule and meal planning.  It allows for spaces for 4 kids's schedules, but since I only have 2, sometimes I use the bottom for reminders or for my volunteering calendar.

I use the sticky notes as my "to do" list. I like to use the sticky notes because they stand out, and with the different sticky notes I can organize my thoughts by "to do" or "to buy" or "who to call" or "if i get to it."

It also has a monthly format with tabs which is extra handy for me now that I started to use it to schedule my blogs. I use the notes section in the back of the planner for miscellaneous notes, like gift ideas :).

The 2015-2016 calendar will be my fourth one to use. Once I started on the momAgenda, I haven't even thought about using another one. In other words, I highly recommend it. While I use the 11x9, there are other sizes and colors. It's a fun website for any one else who likes to plan, organize and write things down.

Well there you have the intimate details of my love affair with my calendar. It's pretty, it's functional, it's become a significant part of my thought process.