My review of "Inside Out," the Disney movie.

Do you want me to just say thumbs up or thumbs down without going into the details? I loved it - it is a funny, feel good movie.

Do you want to read the details? I was hoping you would want to. First of all, I love Amy Poehler. I was hooked when I knew she was speaking the part of Joy. Beyond her voice though, the movie is incredibly clever. "Inside Out" is about feelings; how we are affected by our feelings, and how our experiences affect our feelings. This is my kind of movie......about feelings - yahoooooo!

The story told is about a young girl, Riley, who moves from her home town to San Fransisco. She feels anxious, angry and disgusted about it. However, those feelings interfere with her parents' expectations of (and dependency on) her happiness. The perspective of the movie is from inside of Riley's experience. Her feelings seem to live in her head. Because they can see through her eyes. The feelings are personified with bright, cute characters. Sadness is one of my favorites. She is blue with big glasses and a low, slow voice. There were a few times when I think I was the only one in the whole theater laughing when sadness spoke. She is just so cute.

Riley's memories are managed as if they were part of a manufacturing system. They move along a conveyor belt and are stored in a "warehouse" until they eventually wind up in the dump. The memories help create her personality. Her thoughts travel on a train. Her dreams are produced in "Dream Productions" monitored by a sleep / awake gauge. Genius right?

Joy and Sadness spend a lot of the movie not understanding each other. Joy dismisses Sadness by counteracting everything she says with "positivity." I know one or a couple of people like this. I think bringing a conversation specifically about feelings into a kids movie is brilliant!! We can't all be happy all of the time....that's just not how the human experience works in this life. All of our feelings are appropriate and valid.

I recommend that everyone see this movie. Adults and children will likely be entertained and enjoy the brightness of the film.