A new day. A new planner. A new intention.

I am so excited today. Around 2:00pm, my new Day Designer is expected to arrive. I have been waiting for this day for about a week now. Yep - that's what I'm talking about; excitement over a new planner. It's a spiral bound collection of paper that I will write down my schedule, my to do list, my thoughts, my gratitude for the day and many other lists. WOW - I'm getting excited again just writing about it.

I'll share with you why this collection of paper is so important to me. To me, a planner, is how I stay organized with my time and with my thoughts. It helps me manage my day with intention. I sit with it at night before I go to bed or first thing in the morning and write down my intentions for the day.

With the DayDesigner, as my excitement, I thought about my intention for this day. Today: my intention is to notice the times when I am flowing with life and the times when I am resisting. "Ease and Flow" is the mantra of today. Flexibility is my counter balance to planning. It has to be. Without flexibility, planning gets heavy and actually interferes with my day, rather than helping.

A couple of months ago, I wasn't sleeping much, so I got up and......opened Pinterest. (I have a feeling you've done this too) What I found that night was lots and lots of people who enjoy planning and planners. I actually signed up (and paid $40) to watch hours and hours about planners. I learned a lot about sizes, formats, covers and embellishments. I don't think I'll do a lot of decorating to my planner, but I have a few stickers and clips for the really important things.

I wrote before about my momAgenda. It's a fantastic planner, in a weekly format. And lately I've realized that I need more than a 1/4 of the page for my lists and thoughts. I make lists for what to pick up at the grocery store, other things I need like dog food and dry cleaning. I write down that I need to make a Dr.'s appt, that I need to get an allergy shot. I write down the brilliant idea I had that likes to just run past me really quick. I write it down so I don't forget. Maybe that idea will create something and maybe it won't, but I'll have it written down to remind me about it.

I wonder what bag will be most comfortable for my new planner? I wonder.......