Taking my cue from the Oak Tree, a natural example of strength.

Hi friends. How are you? I am happy to be home and relaxing. I didn't sleep much last night so my day started with some motivational self talk. It sounded like this "Thank you body for the things you do so well (Never mind the times you struggle to keep up)." The kids are in their final days of school, which adds some excitement. For me it adds anxiety.....about the unknown summer. Yes that's right, I get anxious about what the kids will do in the summer time. WHY do I this? I really don't know. The first sign of my anxiety showing up is my needy attachment to my calendar. I won't go anywhere without it. (Like a security blanket). There will be camps, a road trip, swimming lessons (for my youngest), a couple weeks of I don't know yet and then school starts again. It's not that I want my kids to not relax. It's that I have to work still, and I can't leave them at home all day all summer. OOOOMMMM deep breathe......

There seemed to be uneasiness along my path today. My clients were uneasy, my volunteer group was uneasy, my friends were uneasy. All about different things. Isn't that interesting? To me, it is. What seems to add to all of this uneasiness for me is that there was local tragedy very recently. South central Texas had some serious flooding in the last couple weeks, and many families lost people (tears down my face as I write). I didn't write about it before because I didn't want to. I can't believe what happened, actually. What they say about "flash" floods is definitely valid. The stories are heart breaking. Life is delicate and fragile. I feel sadness for our community; it'll be a healing process. 

Did I mention my dog has a collar (we like to refer to it as a bonnet) right now? He had surgery from an invasion of grass spears. I learn something new all the time - including that dogs can get an invasion of grass spears that are potentially quite dangerous. It's a hectic situation to have a dog in the house with a bonnet and another one wanting to play and interact as usual.  My daughter sneaks the healthy one peanut butter sandwiches to help calm his nerves (WOW) OOOMMMM deep breathe.......

strong tree.jpg.jpg

This is a picture of an Oak tree on our property. Isn't it fascinating? It is strong...as the earth around it erodes, it's roots exposed, yet it's trunk and branches are strong as ever. Yes nature, I'll take that cue and find my strength. I'll also lean on the tree for support for a bit of time. Thank you!

When life is uneasy, I hang on tight (to my calendar - ha) to my family and my spiritual practice. What else can I do? Well I could do all sorts of other things but that doesn't feel as good. I've learned through my experiences that love and prayers are life changing and lasting. Tonight I express my love and say my prayers.

Peace friends!