My 6 year old daughter cut her hair again!

The story of the hair started months and months ago. I'll go ahead and start from the beginning. One day while we were all getting ready for the day, my daughter came down the hall way with hair in her hand and a big smile on her face. She said "Look what I did, Mommy." Yes I was sad to see the large amount of hair that she cut off, but I was also endeared by her sense of pride.

So we had a talk about how people go to school to learn how to cut hair, and she needs to leave the hair cutting to the trained professionals. She I thought. 

Side note: She use to talk about a boy in her class that was her "boyfriend." And one day shortly after her self hair cut, I had lunch with her at school. This young boy sat at the table with us, and he says to me "Kennedy used to be my girlfriend......until she did that with her hair." WOW - she wasn't as upset about this as me. She liked her new style just fine. Her confidence is admirable.

We "fixed" that hair cut with a short bog and very short bangs. It was an Audrey Hepburn style.

Now here we are months later, and she put her hair in a pony tail for gymnastics. Well when the sides fell out, rather than putting a clip in it, she cut it. URG!!! So then she has bangs starting at the middle of her head ..... the biggest section of bangs you've ever seen. Some might say (like my husband and I) that she had a mullet. 

Today we "fixed" it again with a short bob cut. This time I took the scissors out of the bucket in the art room and moved them to a top shelf in my medicine cabinet. She can't be trusted! She will certainly be allowed to cut paper with scissors under supervision, but those scissors will be hidden a way for a while.

"What's the big deal, right? So she likes to style her own hair? She is resourceful and confident." These are the thoughts that went through my head. "Why discourage her; after all, we don't want her to over value her appearance." After having lunch with a friend of mine, who is a teacher, she helped me realize that if I don't teach Kennedy now that mullet hair cuts are out of style, when will she ever learn? Seriously though, it's not about the 80's being fashionably awkward; it's about wanting her to learn that cutting hair is not a good idea for kids who haven't been trained. Won't it be interesting to see what style she chooses as she gets older? I'm curious.

Up it important whether or not my 6 year old wants to wear pajama shirts to summer camp?