How I functioned with such little sleep?

How I functioned with such little sleep?

Good Morning! Did I say morning? It seems to me that I just fell asleep one minute ago.  Remember the days when you had sleep overs and stayed up until midnight or later (well I don’t - my body never even entertained the idea of seeing midnight). My daughter had a friend spend the night last night. So I went to bed at 10:30, which is about an hour and a half (ok sometimes two hours) later than I usually go to bed. That’s no big deal, though….I can easily operate with that time frame. After all, it’s super fun to listen to little girls giggle themselves to sleep.

I am a very light sleeper at times. And last night was one of them. I heard a noise, and I suppose, my curious mind was interested in it. Anyway, I moved to another room in the house that had the potential of being quieter. Around 3:45, my dear daughter woke me up and wanted to know where her friend went. Well of course, I explained to her that she just rolled over but is still in her room. But my daughter’s curious mind, wanted some proof. So I got up and shined a light on our sleep over guest to confirm she was still with us. At last, my daughter could go back to sleep.

So that was just too much movement and conversation and light for my mind to want to go back to sleep. I read a book instead. Then before I knew it, the sun was waking up tool

How did I get through the day - you wonder?

I wondered the same. The first crucial thought was to begin the day with gratitude and not even look through the window of scarcity. I felt grateful for the family that surrounds me in the night. You know the dear ones, who are sleeping soundly while I’m wondering the house? It’s an easy tendency to think “Geez, I didn’t get enough sleep. Really Kennedy, figure it out!” But rather, I set my intentions on being grateful for my family and for my body that will soon course correct this derailment of no sleep.

Despite my newly set out goals, I started the day with quick Starbucks drive though indulgent. It might not have been the healthiest choice, but it felt nurturing to me. I wanted to keep my commitment to my pilates class at noon. I wanted to work my muscles the hardest I could in hopes to exhaust them and leave them screaming to spend about 8 hours of time in my bed. However, my work day had different plans for me.

Can attitude overcome exhaustion?

During the day I thought about the feelings of exhaustion, and then kindly look a deep breathe and thanked my body for its ability to keep me going (despite it’s lack of rejuvenating sleep). To quote my mother, “what’s done is done.” I didn’t want to keep referencing my energy low. Honestly, I also felt quite anxious for the upcoming night….wondering if it would also be interrupted and cut short. Again….I took a deep breathe and I reminded myself to live moment to moment freely - releasing all of my resentment and anxiety about the night. I believe that a grateful perspective does overcome the feelings of exhaustion. It doesn't replace sleep, but it helps me persevere through the day.

I committed to no sugar after noon….I mean 2:00pm.

I know intimately the relationship between sugar and sleep, first hand. When I over indulge in sugar, I do not sleep well. So I did not have any sugar after lunch….I mean 2:00pm.

Ready for the night now.

When the time presents itself, I will clean my body of all the daily dirt and sweat. I will turn on my diffuser with lavender oil and feel the amazing comfort of my sheet and pillow. I will easily fall asleep and trust my body to nourish itself through sleep. I trust my body and am grateful for it’s abundance in health.