Me. Soul.

When I set out to begin my blogging platform, I thought for quite a while about how I would “brand” myself. It helped me to develop these flowers in bloom. I started with Me. Woman. Then I realized that these are the roles I play to other people. So then I drew Me. Soul.

Me. Soul. is how I feed my spirit. These are the things that align with my insides and bring me joy. Throughout life these petals will blossom; close up and then blossom again. Have you seen these time lapse videos of “Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg?” Check it out here. I picture myself like this… times vibrant and open, while sometimes retrospective and resting.
Sticking with my botanic reference, I also imagine that the different petals that feed my soul will fall off and regenerate - sometimes differently. Like my newly born blogging journey.

May we all grow as intended and flow with life, in it’s perfection.