Who is the woman reflected in that mirror?

I am taking an ecourse right now by Arianna Huffington based on her book “Thrive.” If you read My Story, you might remember that I am crazy for self development. I enjoy life audits, reevaluations and developing new intentions. It’s especially fun to me when I experience different people’s presentations of self development. I’ll be sharing much more from this course as I make my way through it.

In my earlier post “The call of my heart made visible,” I was excited to start the journey of dressing in joy. You know starting the day, in front of the mirror, in joy rather than distress. It turns out that my mirror at home is much friendlier than the one in the Nordstroms dressing room. I don’t know what’s going on in that store, but the reflection that I saw in the mirror wasn’t even a woman I recognize. I felt like I was in there with a stranger. Even the clothes I brought in there with me were not going to work for the woman in the reflection. There was a disconnect from the woman I thought I was picking out clothes for and the woman who was actually there. (I'll consider letting Nordstroms know about their lack of security in the dressing room).

When I realized that I was about to take the path of self judgement and criticism, I remembered about “dressing in joy.” I looked that reflection in the eye and said “I love you” (not actually out loud), “thank you for functioning so efficiently that I am able to be here right now.” Then I tried on the navy blue jumper, and was satisfied with it’s fit.

It’s not only my body that I don’t recognize sometimes, but also my thoughts and voice. It seems I haven't welcomed the 39 year old me into my day as enthusiastically as I welcomed the 29 year old me into my daily life. So here I go! Hello You - Welcome! I’m excited to walk through my day as me. I believe that self compassion and love over self judgment and criticism is a more meaningful compass with which to navigate, and today I will practice that.

First up on the list of loving myself, I’m going to take myself (and my family) to my favorite Mexican restaurant today and mindfully enjoy some tacos on the patio with a smile.