Skipping and Puddle Jumping

I was thinking today that some middle age (and older) people are really good at being adults, and some middle age (and older) people are really good at being child like. Once that thought came to me, I started remembering my life. WOW I've had some very adult days and years.  I am excellent at organizing, which mostly comes in handy as an adult. This is a benefit, but it turns out, I'm not the most relaxed adult. I get uptight and feel like I'm literally racing time. EEK! But mix a little giggle in with my day, and voila - I find my joy.

There are days that I can easily get in touch with my child like self, and it feels much better. I wonder if other people feel like that? It feels lighter, more playful, more joyful and more colorful to go through the day without the anxiety of racing time. Have you turned up the volume and sang out loud to "Uptown Funk" while driving (alone)? I recommend it. It'll get you feeling youthful pretty quickly. Or it might make you feel foolish, but push through it. Finish out the song and have fun!!!

Clearly there has to be a balance. If I operated like my 6 year old daughter does, I'd never bathe or go to sleep. This 39 year old body of mine has some requirements, and sleeping is at the top of the list. I do see the value in skipping though - what fun! And I do enjoy a good puddle jump. So why not mix it up? I'm finding it much more enjoyable to balance out my maturity with pure fun. At the recommendation of an email I read today, this weekend, when I'm cleaning up our yard, I'm going to wear overalls and really get into the role play. Why not? I can either dread the day of dirty work and fear a run in with a centipede or put on my overalls and play the part of a pioneer woman.

This blogging adventure of mine seems to be a doorway to my child like lifestyle. I don't know why, but it's not important that I define the reason. It just does. I do my typing on a lap top of course, but I did have one of these type writers when I was a kid - good times.