My altered journal

Thank you friends who are being generous and readying my blogs. I have to let you know that this new experience is pretty challenging. I'm not sure if you remember, but I'm an over thinker. And when I sit down to write, all of a sudden I start hearing things like "noone is interested; that's not a fun topic; what is the point of this?" I have to, some how, push through that noise and stay focused. It's hard though.

I want to write about anything interesting. Maybe what's interesting to me is interesting to you (maybe not). I want my writing to be entertaining and interesting. Maybe I'll add some humor, some joy or a new perspective to your day. As if we are having a conversation.

Sometimes I'm feeling introspective and write about life's lessons in front of me. Sometimes I'm feeling playful and write about entertainment. Then there are the days I feel emotional and want to write about music and nature. Again, it's a journey, and I appreciate the opportunity to express myself in writing.

So stay with me, if you read something that is not interesting to you, maybe the next blog will be. The blogging process is about fun....exhilarating fun. Thank you joining me. 

Look at this "altered journal" from Craftster. Fascinating right? This is the image I hold about my blogs....a collection of all different and colorful information.