My Monday Connections

I was thinking about writing a blog today and didn't know exactly what to write about. I thought I would let the words just come to me. I'm in my comfortable clothes now with a glass of Bending Branch wine, and I'm ready to write. (If you are a wine drinker, please pour yourself a glass from Bending Branch as soon as possible). And it's clear to me now that I want to write about compassion and connection.

Do you experience that some days feel "richer" than others? I mean more intimate? Today I feel emotions all the way to my finger tips and toes. I cried and I laughed today and both felt just right.

I listened to my friend as she talked to me about her self image. How her feelings were crushed today because of someone else's ideas about her body. I wrote before about vulnerability, and our self image is another easy target for insult. It broke my heart to hear her struggle with it. I read through this website last week ,Be Nourished. The founders of this organization believe in "being part of a new conversation about health, one that nourishes and celebrates who we are and who we can become-regardless of size, shape or age." Sign me up......I want to be a part of anything that helps us women love ourselves and each other. Even now, thinking about my sweet friend, I want to hug her.

This art work is by one of my all time favorite artists, Kelly Rae Roberts. We are all blessed in so many ways, even our bodies - no matter what size or shape. When I struggle with being unhappy with the size and shape of my body, I stop and thank it. That's right, it goes like this "Thank you for everything you did today to support me in life. The breaths in and out, the muscle contractions and releases, the digestion that helped nourish me. Thank you for the vision, the sounds, the smells, the tastes and touches that you helped me feel today." It helps - it really really helps.

I also laughed with another friend of mine. An uncontrollable kind....the kind that often happens to me when I read a few of Phil's-Osophy. In only 1 hour, we talked about relationships, husbands, parenting, food, movies, party games and you tube celebrities. When I left that moment with my friend, I felt joyful. 

I have to admit, some days I don't experience intense feelings of any kind. I'm actually embarrassed to write that, but I suppose we are all humans with similar experiences. On a day like today, with compassion and connection front and center, life is delicious.