The Woman In Me

Hello!  When I write I like to pretend that we are dearest of friends, and that we are sitting together having a drink and snack.  Imagine it, a beautifully bright day with a cool, gentle breeze. We are surrounded by vibrant, aromatic flowers and the smell of freshly baked croissants and cheese. It sounds dreamy doesn’t it? I thought you might enjoy the setting…….let’s chat! (Seriously, let’s chat. Please feel free to leave your comments below, and I’ll engage with you.)

Today let’s celebrate who we are. Women! I believe we all feel and behave masculine and feminine at different times in our lives and during our days.  I cherish being a woman. I do. I thank God for the gift of femininity. It’s precious to me. We have the ability to nurture in such a profound way. Our emotions can reach incredible depths and heights. And beyond our obvious physical characteristics, I adore the delightful splurges that support our happiness.

Flowers just make my day. I don’t only mean a beautiful bouquet, but a floral print fabric, or flowers in my social media news feed. Flowers are incredibly beautiful to me. Thank you to the woman in me for appreciating florals.

I also get this sense of sweet joy when I’m shopping or pinning outfits on Pinterest. It’s a fun opportunity to explore and express myself. I think pearls are exquisite. I love anything gold (Yes especially my driving mocs). My mom tells a story about when I was nearly 5 and wanted my school uniform to be made out of satin. I just love a shiny, sparkly top. I still do love most anything shiny and sparkly. And for the love of cashmere, can we please raise our glasses? Cheers! Thank you to the woman in me for delighting in fashion. 

While I understand that the need for communication and the skills to communicate are something that each gender shares, I still feel like I innately value the use of words. I spend significant amounts of energy on intentional word choice. After all, I believe that the intentional word choice connects me to my most authentic self, which then makes the connection to others in an authentic way. Thank you to the woman in me for valuing and cultivating frequent communication. (You are welcome Sam).

It seems to me that women and men care for themselves differently. We pay attention to different parts of our lives and selves. It’s great fun for me to play with make up samples or perfume samples and skin care. (By the way, please check out my website for Rodan + Fields). I have a in time for the purpose of self care. The time I spend washing my face and body, selecting which clothes to wear, and which shoes to carry me through the day is glorious. This time is dedicated to the sole purpose of caring for me, and expressing myself. Thank you to the woman in me for nourishing me.

The home is a special place for mothers, especially. When we were pregnant, nature took over and encouraged us to nest. I haven't stopped having that feeling yet. It's relaxing and comforting for me to organize my home, clean my home, and prepare it for my family. If I am not careful, and I try to clean when I'm not aligned with my nesting sense, then it doesn't feel as good. Creating a comfortable, beautiful space to live in is important to me. Our home frames the lives of my family. When we wake up in the morning, our first sights and smells are of our home. It wishes us a good day and welcomes us back at any time. Our home is where we choose to be when our body is resting and restoring over night. It is a very special place to me. Thank you to the woman in me for creating a nest for my family and me.

How do you honor your femininity? I’d love to hear about what surfaces bliss for you.