A little of this and a little of that

Hello, friends. How are you? I hope your week was enjoyable. I know it’s been raining a lot in south central Texas and some people don’t like that. When I was a kid I use to get so scared of a grey sky, now I like the variety.

Anyway, I don’t have one particular message to share so I thought I’d just kind of summarize my week. Why not? Maybe something will show up more interesting than another. I’ll be interested in your thoughts.

I am reading a page or two from this book every day “Heart Thoughts: A Treasury of Inner Wisdom.” by Louise Hay. When I opened the book and read the first affirmation, I knew I had to keep reading. She immediately reminded me the universe supports us in everything. We live in a universe that says “yes” to us; our task is to respond with Yes!

As you know, I am also taking the on-line course by Kelly Rae Roberts “The Wear Your Joy Project.” It’s great fun for me. This week in the class we journaled, spent more time on Pinterest looking at outfits (and a lot of other stuff), and I also……wait for it…….began to create a sacred space in my bathroom. In my house the bathroom and closet share the same space. Kelly encouraged us to make a sacred space where each morning we can begin with affirming self-talk, and turn the routine of showering and dressing into a nourishing time to self-care and self-compassion. I’ll add a picture of my sacred space to this blog over the weekend. Here’s a little teaser.

There were also times this week that I felt foggy and disenchanted and over whelmed. I think this feeling peeked last night, so on my way home I rolled my windows down and turned up some Ed Sheeran. I played the air drums and sang my heart out…..guess wha? Today I feel much clearer :).

Many times throughout the week, I came across generosity, love, support, encouragement, and gratitude. You are all phenomenal. I appreciate you and everything about this life. I’ve dared greatly and turned down some  new roads (one of them being this blog). While the road feels bumpy and definitely unknown, I am exhilarated to keep traveling with a purpose. It’s an exciting time.

This weekend will involve “Pitch Perfect 2,”crayons, paint, the trampoline, cooking and family. Sounds pretty dreamy to me.

Cheers my friends. Thank you for taking the journey with me.