Dear 5 year old me,

Look at you…a reflection of love. I adore the way you enjoy living; the way you dance without concern; the way you get blissfully dressed; and the way you laugh easily. You are bright.

I’m 39 years old now; on my next birthday I will celebrate living on this planet for 40 years. I’ll tell you stories about all of those years another time. But for now, I want to remember you.

I confess that I forgot about you and your spirit. I learned to protect you and guide you, and I’ve become so diligent at my adult responsibilities that I forgot who I’m protecting and guiding. After all I have a job and family relationships to cultivate and grow. I started to believe that responsibility was more important than anything else. People depend on me, you know. Wait until you meet my 5 year old daughter. The two of you are kindred spirits.

Little girl, will you please join me in life again; will you invite me to jump, maybe even listen to a little Boy George? There are times when my maturity will be a wise gentle voice that is necessary. And there will be times when your eagerness will be vital to my survival. I will share the lead with you as we navigate life. I will tend to your desire for joy and adventure. I will usher us through the adult chaos of bills and traffic. And together we will love our journey.

I honored you today as I put on my gold driving moccasins. What do you think? Shiny, comfortable and totally fun, right?

I love you!