What is a conscious parent?

"Conscious Parenting," what in the world is it?

If it means being fully aware of my son's messy room, my daughter's disinterest in bathing and our abundance of toys, then I'm definitely a conscious parent.

Do you also feel like sometimes you are watching yourself parent in a way that isn't exactly how you want, but you don't know the alternative? Last night I felt like I was looking through a window and seeing myself in the midst of a bath time struggle with my daughter, but I felt detached from it. I know that I actually engaged in the power struggle, but I also watched it and wondered what the alternative way to handle it was.

Listen to this video from Dr. Shefali about what it means.


P.S. Right now, my daughter is jumping on the bed, asking me "Are you done yet? Mommy, I've thought of three games we can play right now. how long is this going to take you? Mom, where is India?"