What's going on with this blog?

Hello friends!

I said a big Thank You to the year 2015 today. It was the year that I received an invitation from Life to write. I discovered that I adore carefully selecting words, arranging them and creating meaning with the arrangement.

When I write for my blog, I try on different writing styles and subjects. Some stories feel better to write than other stories, and I learn which of my writing feels the most genuine and most natural.

I believe that the invitation to write was a gift. It was a gift full of lessons that I want to learn and some that I roll my eyes about having to learn. Writing encourages me to pay attention to every detail around me, like the color of the sky, the way the air feels on my skin, the clothes people wear, the texture and taste of my food and so many more details. It also inspires me to listen more carefully to my family, my friends and people that have something to say every day. And then the part that makes me roll my eyes, is that it requires more patience than I think I am capable of.

Even Kennedy is aware of my need for speed. I just received this note from her on Sunday.

Out of this newly discovered love for writing, I became curious about writing a book and decided to follow this curiosity. The stories I am currently writing are especially tender and precious to me; therefore, I am going to hold them close until the work is complete and ready for it's reveal to the world.

I will continue to blog; however, there might be more time in between blog posts as I am committing most of my writing time right now to the personal stories within my book.

I'll update you with progress along the way. Thank you for your interest in my word arrangements and stories.