How to trade being a control freak for someone who has a lot more fun.

Good Morning!

I started this morning with a viewing of “Belief,” a documentary about different acts of religious traditions’, followed by a shower to the music of Wintley Phipps. I just wondered what it would be like to shower with some gospel music. I liked it. It is certainly well with my soul.

Today I will work at my office, directing the operations of my father’s design and home building business. I will also drift off into my imagination as I get another day closer to my families Thanksgiving celebration. I feel spirited and excited to collectively express gratitude for our family and our lives. I will anticipate what to wear, the preparation of the food and the fun we will have.

The last month of 2015, I will observe the areas of my life that will be the most challenging for me to practice nonresistance. I will take note; write them down and consider how I will relinquish the control. I am curious about the processes that have determined the flow of life for billions of years before I was born. I’d like to think that my glorious brain has been in control, but that would just be ridiculous. Rather, I believe that my life and all of life is a natural result of all of the forces of creation. And it’s time for me to flow with those forces and participate in creation.

For me this creative participation looks like this.

  • Saying thank you for my connection to Life.
  • Unconditionally loving my children with nurturing support, encouragement, trust and guidance.
  • Partnering with my husband in growth and love.
  • Writing stories that reveal a connective thread through all of us.

I leap into transformative experience’s. I don’t know why I do this, but I enjoy it. I hope you enjoy my writing.