How many words did you speak today?

Ahhhh yes! I sit with my laptop tonight after a bit of a fall break from blogging. Most of my inspirational attention is focused on my upcoming book. I am gathering thoughts and developing my ideas. This past weekend I feel like I made progress.

“Sam, guess what? I wrote 3,500 words for my book.” I feel excited and confident that all of those words are quite an accomplishment.

“Siri, how many words are in a novel?” Sam needs to gauge my progress with realistic expectations.

“Checking. Here is what I found on the web? On average, there are 64,000 words in a novel.” Siri responds in a way that I find smug and ruthless.

WHAT? 64,000 words; I wrote 3,500 and feel like I am expressing myself with such eagerness.

And now I am challenged to trust the creative process once again. I feel engaged with inspiration, and grateful that I was invited to participate in it’s work. Only 60,500 more words to go.

Tonight when Sam and I met at home he says to me, “Oh I heard something interesting today. On average, women speak 7,000 words each day. If you just wrote down every word that you spoke, you’d reach 64,000 pretty quickly.”

Once again, he invites my words to the paper. Did he mean I should write rather than talk with him? Probably not, but it’s funny.

So here are a few things that I talked about today (I’ll speak my thoughts AND write them AND I'll even read this blog out loud to you - take that Sam).
I woke up and thanked God, out loud, for my family: each one by name.

I talked about our Thanksgiving plans, my daughter’s art work, work (lots of work), planners, writing, food, television, fires in the fire place. 

I think Sam is right; I share a lot of my thoughts throughout the day. Which is why I am grateful for my Mother who will always listen and my dear sweet friends.

The interesting thing about all of this, to me, is that today I set my intention on nonresistance or surrendering to Life. I’ll blog more about this later, but I know the most significant behavior that I need in this intention is silence. I need connection with my soul while my noisy mind chatters on the side lines.

I’m curious about the graceful balance between 1) all of the words I want to piece together and share and 2) a sacred silent space.