A Few Things To Share

  • Recently I met a fellow blogger, and Kim Muench will forever be the first fellow blogger I met (online and on the phone). We connected over our shared respect for Dr. Shefali’s work, and have since shared our own personal work. Real Life Mom is a blog with deep feeling and courage. Kim sent me her beautiful book, “My Mothers Footprints,” and I read it this weekend. It’s a brave story about her development as a mother and woman. I am grateful for her trust and honestly.
  • I also recently read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Because of this book, I see writing as my spiritual practice. I know that I received a sacred invitation to write, and I accepted the invitation with trepidation and enthusiasm. I write so that I feel peace, and I share it so that we connect with each other. It’s my personal collaboration with Life.
  • And my favorite quote of the weekend: Kennedy, “Mom what was it like in the old days? Did people only ride horses in the 1980’s?”

P.S. Sam and I bought a new sherpa comforter from Walmart. It is on our bed, and it’s crazy awesome. I get really excited about comfortable blankets and sweaters. Really excited!