What to carry to help you stay organized and looking good.

Every morning when I begin the exercise of planning my day, I write down what I'm feeling grateful for or happy about. Sometimes I feel grateful for health and healing, writing, creation, weather, cardigans and other fun things - some important to life's big questions, some important to walking through life as a woman.

Today I am grateful for "pretty organizational tools." It's true; I find joy in bags and organizing. They make me as happy as a happy face.

I have 2 bags from ThirtyOne Gifts that I use just about every day. 

Do you wonder why I use two bags?

The metallic tote holds my day planner and a file folder with paperwork. It holds mail and other things that I carry to a meeting or from my office to my home. It's reversible so when I don't want to feel so shiny, I flip it around and carry the charcoal snake side.

The black bag is an every day cross body, and I had a big "A" embroidered on the front, which stands for Adrianne (smile). In this bag, I carry my wallet (which I'm going to get to next), lipstick, keys, sunglasses and phone. It's light weight, and I love most things cross body. It keeps my hands free so I can drink a latte and hold my daughter's hand.

These bags are super functional to me, but I also love the look of them. I am crazy about all things black and gold right now. A world with pretty organizational tools is a very happy place to me.

So about this wallet. A few months ago, Sam and I decided to work with a cash system for budgeting. I withdraw cash from our account at the beginning and middle of the month and use the cash system for parts of our budget. I use this amazing Filofax compact organizer and the zippered storage pouches from DayRunner. I have 4 zippered storage pouches in my wallet with my grocery budget, my eating out budget, my hair and nails budget and my budget for grooming the dogs. It has room for cards and cash and a notepad for lists. I'm so excited about this set up; I just need to label the pouches so I don't get a manicure with my dog's money :).

Those are the details of the pretty organizational tools that I love right now. I hope you enjoy. Cheers to your joy!