Have you ever cried in the strangest moment?

Today I'm going to share something with you that is unusual and almost embarrassing. It's only almost embarrassing because I also feel pride that I connect so passionately with something like cheese.

As I write this, I wish I had some enchilada sauce stuck in my back molars right now. Anyway.

Do you ever find a tv show that hooks you emotionally and you find yourself thinking about it during the week and wondering what will happen next? Sometimes I think that a show is a part of my life, just like my real life friends. I don't mean any disrespect to my real friends; none of you could actually be replaced by a tv show, but I can get emotionally connected to a character or a story and feel like I belong in it.

This new show obsession of mine comes on PBS on Saturday's. How did I ever find this? Oh yes, it must have been advertised during an early morning cartoon. Thank you public broadcasting for introducing me to, Pati's Mexican Table.

Yesterday morning, before anyone in the house was even close to waking up, I turned on the tv and clicked on my recorded list to see what I had saved throughout the week. There it was, all lit up on the list, because it was brand new to me. Pati’s Mexican Table….a cooking show with more passion than I’ve ever seen. I think  Pati is incredibly kind and fun to be with. She invites me (her audience) into her kitchen to watch her make Mexican food. She takes me (again, the whole audience) on trips throughout Mexico to visit restaurants, meet street vendors and explore new recipes.

I've watched her make esquites, enchiladas, rice and tacos. This week's episode was different though. As Pati was filling a tortilla with queso fresco, topped with squash blossoms, I actually gasped for air and a tear came to my eyes. SERIOUSLY! I love when I surprise myself like that. I knew I loved the show, and I knew I loved Mexican food, but I didn’t  know my love was strong enough to move me to tears.

Move over Jason Bateman, you've been replaced with a cooking show.

Cheers to your next surprising tears. May they be incredibly yummy and joyful.

This is Pati's book - I just ordered it.

This is Pati's book - I just ordered it.