I couldn't believe it, myself....and so the excitement begins.

I write a recount of this week in detail to always have a written memory of the events and feelings that happened. It was a marvelous week.

The story of my marvelous week started on the previous Friday when I was pondering about the Hill Country Montessori School’s mission. I looked right in the face of our mission and said out loud “this is hard work.” It’s hard to embody our belief that children are individually unique and that they possess gems of inspiration deep within them, waiting to be discovered. It’s a challenge to support an environment where our children explore their own spirit and empower themselves to soar; it’s a challenge today in education to accompany our nation wide public school system when our philosophy is diverse.

How can we create an environment of self discovery without abandoning the idea of control? I don’t think we can. If we commit to providing an environment that offers space, movement, materials and freedom to follow innate curiosity, than we can watch our children develop their lives with purpose.

Stay with me, I’m getting to the events of the week, but I have to take you through my mind first.

I believe strongly in the power of our relationship to children, as educators and as parents. Mothers, when we accept that we will hold another life inside our body and bring it into this world, we are accepting that this new life is a valuable and an important creation with influence and purpose. I believe deeply that parenting is a sacred invitation. It’s an incredible experience when the human and the divine collaborate in creation, and this collaboration continues beyond birth, in many many moments throughout the day, every day.

As with most beliefs, I find it is easier to protect them when I find people that do the same. Like a society of rare orchid collectors.

During my journey as a parent, I have found many other rare orchid collectors. I call them my tribe (they don’t even know I do that). They are family, staff at the Montessori School, parents, and friends. I am especially thankful for knowing two important people in my society of rare orchid collectors. Geri Clouse, teaches local parenting education courses throughout the year. I continue to learn from her experience and knowledge even after completing her classes many times. Gratefully, our shared passion created a friendship that I rely on. She is devoted and inspirational.

I also read a book, “Conscious Parenting,” by Dr. Shefali. The pages in my book are highlighted, dog eared and written on. I read it when I am in the trenches of a stressed out daughter or a closed off teenager. I read it when I need direction in any part of my parenting journey. Dr. Shefali tops my list of sages. When I finished her book last year, I dreamed about meeting her and letting her know how profound I believe her work is. I dreamed about introducing her to my friends and family, as a friend of mine and someone who I share a divine connection to.

Alright here we go.

Last Friday, during my reflections of the Hill Country Montessori School, I sent her an email inviting my sage, Dr. Shefali, to Boerne. I checked my email every 15 minutes waiting for a response. After hours passed, I started drawing with Kennedy and waiting for Sam so we could go eat (Mexican food) with his family.

I checked my email one more time before we left……and there was a response from “Team Shefali.” Friends, they accepted my invitation! I cried; tears streamed down my face. I feel like it is truly in divine order that our lives will come together.

Throughout the week, I exchanged emails with “Team Shefali” about details of what we will do, etc. Then on Wednesday evening, I received an email from “Dr. Shefali” with a phone number for me to call. I cried again.

I called her yesterday and talked about my vision of her visit to Boerne. (Yes of course I cried). She is gracious and kind on the phone, just as I imagined she would be.

And so with the incredible support of my husband and friend Geri Clouse, Dr. Shefali is going to come to Boerne for an event in February. I will also reach out to the Boerne community for support. The Hill Country Montessori School will present her as a keynote speaker for an evening about our children and how to empower them to thrive in life.

I hold a large space for parenting and the power of our relationships. I am elated to invite the Boerne community into this space for an evening and commune with Dr. Shefali.

I know educating and parenting can be scary at times, and when I need more courage I listen to “Ring the Bells” by Melissa Etheridge. “….But I have seen us rise and fall, stand on the moon and tear down the wall. I know we can do it all and do it well, so rings the bells.” Each of our children are uniquely designed and tasked, and I want to be a part of their self-discovery.

I listen to that song (and “Heather’s Song” by Misty River) every single day. I feel inspiration transfer from their words to my soul.

Stay tuned for the glorious details of Dr. Shefali’s visit to Boerne. In the meantime, visit her website (www.drshefali.com) to watch videos and read her book “Conscious Parenting.”