Plaid joggers and graphic tees.

I might have written about my 6 year old daughter's strong fashion opinions before, and if so, than today is no different.

I consider my style to be "classic comfort." I like to wear black, jeans, sweaters, dresses and pearls. And you know how I feel about loafers and driving moccasins. Today I chose swank, and put on plaid joggers. This is not me in the picture, it's the Ann Taylor Loft model.

I wore them with healed mules and a cardigan to dress up the look. I chose the wrong shirt though; next time I'll wear them with a chambray cardigan.

As Kennedy and I were walking out the door to go to school, she said "Wait Mommy, you are still wearing your pajamas." I wish my pajamas were this on fleek. I refuted the comment and explained that these weren't my pajamas. She laughed out loud - LOL! She didn't laugh with spite, she laughed with genuine humor. But I wasn't going for humor, today. I was going for comfortable style.

It's ok that Kennedy and I have different styles. She certainly doesn't like mine all of the time, and I don't agree with her choices sometimes either. She was seen at a party in solid pink, from head to toe. She chooses busy chevron leggings with an orange graphic tee that spells out, in glitter, "I'd rather be a unicorn."

When she was just over a year, I dressed her in a smock dress. So many little girls were wearing smock dresses, and they looked precious. She waddles herself to my full length mirror and literally started crying. I tried to figure out what was wrong, and then I saw her tugging at the dress. I changed her into a familiar set of leggings and a shirt and she was calm again. Isn't that wild? How could I argue with a 15 month old about what she wants to wear? I couldn't do it. I know that this kind of fashion arrangement doesn't work for all families, and I understand that.

So my daughter's style and mine coexist like a heather grey maxi dress with gold sandals. We don't always understand each other's choices, but we respect each other's self expression (even though she laughs at mine often). By the way, she does compliment me occasionally, and I do the same with her.

P.S. A boy in Kennedy's class "brought $1,000 to show and tell - wow - but it was from Louisiana."'s a mystery.