Wild Ideas on Wednesday

Hello friends! How is your week going? It's Wednesday now, and most of my creative energy is going into my book. Wow - it's an invigorating feeling. Stay tuned, next week I might write about how scary it feels.

What is invigorating you these days? Here are some wild ideas I've wanted to share with you this week.

Wild Idea 1

Have you heard of Kris Carr and her new book "Crazy Sexy Juice?"  Seriously, it's not about some new sex trend called "juicing." It's about actual fruits and vegetables in the juicer or blender. It's way more than recipes, though. It's such a good book full of information - get it and let me know what you think.

I'm totally into making "Nut Milk" right now....follow along, people; I'm still writing about healthy drinks. That's just what they call blended nuts, like cashews or almonds, with water. It's so yummy; kind of like Horchata! I like it cold. I like it warm with a little cinnamon. I like it in my oatmeal. Try it and let me know if you love it too.

Did anyone see that "Carbonara Effect" episode where he tells the woman that the way to make almond milk, is to use a little tiny bucket and squeeze the almond until the juice comes out? Hilarious!!!

Wild Idea 2

I now I carry a spiral notebook with me in my purse/bag (another reason to be a bag lady), so I can write down all my random thoughts that I want to include in my book. It's so fun!!! Do you get inspired when you drive? I don't like driving.....ever, but I do get a lot of ideas behind the wheel. When I think about something that excites me, I try to store the idea in my mind and then when I get to my destination I pull out my notebook and pencil and record it. 

Wild Idea 3

I had lunch with a friend of mine today. Girlfriend lunches are THE BEST! We talked about family dynamics, and it felt great to laugh about something that can also make us cry at times. 

I hope your week has been enjoyable. I hear it's going to rain a lot in the Hill Country the rest of the week. I'm happy to have a new pair of rain boots and the chance to wear them.

Cheers to whatever you are drinking tonight?.....For me, it's a glass of cashew water.