How I have time to do what I want.

“How do you have time to do all of the things you do?” My friend, Terry, asked me this question today. It seems someone asks me this question every week. While I am busy with commitments, I also feel fulfilled and joyful. I’ll try to elaborate here.

Wake Up

I think my body has an intimate alignment with the sun as I wake up when the rotation of the earth sheds any amount of light our way. Usually I wake up around 5:00 (or sometimes earlier). Have I mentioned before that my grandparents were farmers? My family evolved into early risers. This is definitely an advantage; but before you think I have an unfair advantage, you need to know that I am asleep by 8:30 every night. If I am out past 8:30 and my eyes are open, I am actually sleeping within my own self. This wasn’t a very fun trait when I was in college, but it’s definitely as true to me as my black hair is. If my current career doesn’t work out, I might solicit myself to the Farmer’s Almanac. I could be valuable there.

Communication with Life

After I wake up, I do my morning pages; which is, 3 pages of a handwritten thought stream. I just write whatever comes to mind, extending to the universe what I want and what I want to get rid of? I complain on these pages; I express gratitude and I clear out all of the chatter. I download what is in my brain and allow space to receive refreshed energy and renewed thoughts.

Receiving Life’s Abundant Support

After the morning pages exercise, I read one page from my assortment of devotional books. While I’m reading, I am receiving what the Universe has to offer humanity through support and encouragement. This is when I set my intention for the day. This is when I say “Yes to Life.”

I finish up this time with a planner party. My markers come, my stickers come and my washi tape comes; it’s quite fun.

Collaboration with Creation

My sacred morning ritual supports me in living with curiosity and inspiration. “What will inspire me today? How will I collaborate with Creation today?”

As I make breakfast, pack a lunch box, brush hair and teeth, and drive to the school and my office, I am curious about everything that happens. I am curious about what stays the same through time and what changes with every sunrise. I am curious about the connections I make with my family and people throughout the day. I am inspired by rejuvenation in nature and in people.

Time Savings

Are you wondering what any of this has to do with saving time? My morning ritual is my method for intentionally setting priorities and remaining committed to what I value most. I have obligations to my career and my volunteer work, and I value my family above everything else. My ritual helps me operate throughout the day with gratitude and curiosity, allowing generous space for enjoying what I am doing. In other words, I stay focused in the time I have, with limited frustration and I feel an easy about it.

When I write, I organize my moments of time into meaningful stories. I believe it's the stories we tell ourselves about our lives that create the way we live. So we might as well tell ourselves the best inspirational stories we can. I write to feel inspired, to align with creation and co-create positivity and love.

My Schedule 

Most of the time, I work when my daughter is in school.
I volunteer as the Board Chair for the Hill Country Montessori School as needed. I am passionate about Montessori education, and I feel aligned with purpose when I support our school.
I blog when my family is watching tv that I’m not interested in or when they are asleep.

I confidently and easily decline invitations for events or commitments. I intentionally set my priorities and am committed to them.
    My family, which is my husband and children, my parents (mine and Sam’s), my sisters (mine and Sam’s), my nieces and nephews.
    My health. Mental, Emotional and Physical
    My collaboration with creation, which is my spirituality
    My role as Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Hill Country Montessori School.

Outside of these priorities, I am available in a limited way. This structure to my life is important to me, and I feel that because of it I am able to sit on the front porch and listen to my families stories. I am able to sit at the breakfast and dinner table with them and share about our days. These moments bring me enormous joy.

While I am busy with commitments, I also feel fulfilled and joyful.