What I do?

After 6 years of my husband's endearing willingness to listen and engage with me, he said "You know, there has to be a reason you love to read so much. I think you should write something." I believe he needed a break from the highly energetic word storm of my mind, and I took his advice. Thus my lifestyle blog was born.

I view it similarly to curating an art exhibit; in this blog, I select my words, organize my thoughts and present my life's stories.

I started with blogging about anything that I found interesting, and I learned that it felt incredibly good to write. I frequently write about the funny things my children say and do, and their perspective on Life.

Right now, I'm writing about the experiences I live daily and the imprint these experiences make on me. I write as a part of my own self care process.

I thrive on nurturing all parts of me. When you read the word "thrive," you might insert "obsessed by" or "junkie for." I get a complete adrenaline rush when I discover a new part of my soul or when I re-discover a lost part of me. 

How it works

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